Committed Laity


A committed body of the laity must be build meaning that our Church must be de- clericalised. The essential thing in our pastoral plan depends on the involvement of the lay people. The lay people are far the majority. The totality of the church life and work is determined by the totality of the layman’s presence in the church.  We are proud of our Catholic Men and Catholic women, (CMA, CWA), Pastoral councils, Parish councils, Choirs, YCS, Devotional groups, PMC and PMU. Our youth in the last ten years have come out more prominently with their different participations in the Spiritual and physical development. Their different projects started by the above mentioned groups are to be encouraged.

The spiritual movements have helped the lay people in our diocese to realize their noble call by God. The clergy in the diocese help as their advisors, animators, co- coordinators and supporters. These spiritual movements have their specific priests appointed by the bishop as mediators and spiritual directors. This encourages and promotes the spiritual growth of the laity.

Different workshops have taken place at St. Joseph pastoral center Katoloni. They include those of the Kenya conference of the catholic bishops, our priests, leaders, catechists, choirs and the youth. The same exercise has taken place in deaneries and parishes.  Thanks to the qualified personnel we have in the Diocese who have helped in animating such programs.

The small Christian communities have been very instrumental in evangelization of our Diocese. This has helped our Christians live their vocation by living the gospel values. It is on this narrower level (S.C.C.) that in the last ten years majority of our Christians have lived and worked. Special thanks to our priests, deacons and seminarians who have helped our Christians to be grouped in this level by teaching the word of God to our Christians.