Media/Communication Network


The Diocesan Magazine- Uw’o (the truth ) has helped in linking the Diocese and especially in dissemination of  information among the clergy and religious. This newsletter is produced monthly and distributed to all the parishes and all the media houses in all the dioceses in Kenya. It is also e-mailed to other subscribers even outside the country. Through the communication office, the diocese runs three catholic radio programs in two different radio stations. These radios are;Radio mang’elete FM 89.1 situated at Mtito Andei and Radio Mbaitu FM 99.2. The programs are; Klisto thayu witu (Christ our life) and Kwiikya na Kwiituka (Its morning, its evening). The first “ Christ our life” deals with  Sunday liturgy and  is aired on both the radio stations and the second is the second with” Kwiikya na kwiituka” is an education program that is aired at radio mang’elete and it tackles the current issues from an educational perspective.

The Catholic Media Center comprises of a bookshop, cyber café and a computer training college. The bookshop sells spiritual books, religious articles, and internet services together with other computer related services. This has helped a lot to bring nearer to the Christians items which promote their spiritual growth .The diocesan program and other typesetting work is also done in the media center. The opening of the Catholic computer training college has helped students to learn the information technology among other things. The establishment of the Diocesan Secretariat in the Bishops Office helped very much in the coordination and record keeping of the Diocesan Department operations and projects.