Spiritual Growth


Our Christians have made Pilgrimages to Namugongo in Uganda and large numbers of Christians have also joined the National Pilgrimage to Subukia with great joy. In the last five years several initiatives to promote the spiritual growth of the Christians have taken place.

Each year the Bishop has given a theme to guide the Christians in their response to the Lord and promotion of Christians values. Futher, each year the theme has been marked by a Deanery or Diocesan Pilgrimage e.g. to Namugongo – Uganda, Mary Mother of God shrine Koma Rock, Subukia (Nakuru ) or Eucharistic Celebration with benediction led by Bishop Himself . The Starting of the second shrine of the “Divine Mercy of God at St. Christopher- Kyumbi Parish- kalimani – has now enabled us to have another place of prayer and pilgrimage in the Diocesan we have now the Shrine of Our Lady at Koma  Rock and the Divine mercy Shrine  at Kalimani   – Kyumbi. Thanks to the efforts of Fr. Battista Cimmino a fidei Donum priest from Cosenza Diocese in Italy and the late Fr. Thomas Vadassery (Founders of these shrines).

The Kamba people remember Bishop Martins teachings during  these ten  years by the different Kikamba Sayings e.g “ Nindi kyamundya ( meaning we have just started there is a lot which lies ahead of us ) Nguli yoona, Nguli ikeka ( meaning we are called to give witness  that other can emulate ), Twi  ma kiamba ( meaning we are not alone in our strangles and toils no matter how little we tend to think,  by faith we belong to the big community and Our Lord is always present with us )