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ay this NEW YEAR be a song of THANKSGIVING, an offering of PRAISE, a celebration of GOD’S LOVE in HIS Amazing GRACE!” This is my new year wish for one and all. Looking back at last year, despite many challenges like of famine, deaths, destruction of property for some of our faithful, the hike of essential commodities  among others, God surely blessed us. The long awaited opening of Father’s house in Mary Mount was done on the 30th of October. Five Deacons were ordained priests,  new Parishes  opened ( the latest ones being Mbuani Parish which was done on the 10th of December and Kaunguni Parish which was  done on the 17th of December 2011)   and many catholic catechumen in the Diocese received the sacrament of Confirmation. On the 12th of November 2011 the “Mercy  Convent” of the Franciscan Clarists Congregation was officially opened as well as the Morning Star nursery School” along with  Mercy Mission dispensary in Kiongwani Parish.

These and many other events which took place in the Diocese and were not recorded in the newsletter are a true blessing from the Lord.

We thank God for the success of these events which brought joy to the Catholic Diocese of Machakos.

That is why we have every reason to begin the New Year with Hope. St. Paul in his letter to the Philippians 4:4 reminds us to rejoice in the Lord always. Therefore, Keep the smile, Leave the tear, Think of joy, Forget the fear, Hold the laugh, Leave the pain, and be joyous, because it’s a new year!

Happy New Year! 

By Rt. Rev. Martin Kivuva Musonde             






Issue No. 101

The CCR Machakos Diocese was officially launched on 22nd  January 2004 at Nzaikoni Parish by His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Martin Kivuva Musonde. He appointed Rev. Fathers Lawrence   Muthini and Joseph (Yusufu) Waema as Chaplains. Since then it has been organizing Seminars and Retreats at Diocese and Parish levels. Many people have been attending from all over the Diocese and beyond. Today Parishes with Charismatic Movement are; Muthetheni, Kangundo, Kithangaini, Kaumoni, Masinga, Ngunga, Mukuyuni, Kitwii, Athi-River, Nzaikoni and Matuu. The Priests are always with these groups as Spiritual directors.  In April 15th—17th, year 2006, through Bishop’s office the Leaders from these Charismatic Prayer Groups together with the Diocesan Chaplains met to evaluate their progress and to determine the way forward.

The following was agreed upon:- The Charismatic movement members must adhere to the proper traditional teaching of the Church. 2. The group works under the guidance of the Parish Priests working in the Parishes.

By Fr. Lawerence Muthini.

Kithangaini Parish.





On the 24th to 27th November 2011 173 Lay leeaders from Machakos Diocese gathered for a very important meeting at the St. Josephs' Pastoral Centre Katoloni. The main objective of the meeting was to Evaluate  the activities of 2011 and plan for 2012.

There are many challenges that came up in our 2010-2011 plan of action and most of them came up again. Some of the challenges are ; Human Trafficking, the high number of new leaders in need of training in  the Diocese(95 percent), lack of civic education on the new Kenya Constitution among others.

Since November last year we have been carrying out education against Human trafficking with an aim of helping the people of Machakos to come in terms with this challenge which is both pastoral and family challenge. We had a training of Trainers where we managed to train 20 and after that we did the same to our 2010 leaders who were 150 in number.

This totaled to 170 who went through the training and proper sensitization. The leaders together with Caritas office started the sensitization activity where we covered 22 parishes and in November 2011 we shared the information with 173 Lay leaders at St. Josephs Pastoral Centre in Machakos.


All those who have gone through the training or heard the information were happy  and this will continue to trickle down.

The total number of people sensitized is 16, 789 in the 22 parishes.




Many of our people are now aware that Human trafficking is a reality and a serious challenge which need to be addressed continuously.

Many people were able to access printed information for reading.

People have become more open to report when they sense some dangers on the above topic.

This has enhanced reconciliation in families who were reached by this project.

Our leaders expressed the need to train more people so that the information can reach the whole Diocese.

The project acted as an eye opener to many other challenges.

We would like to thank Bishop Martin for his great encouragement and support in our pastoral activities, Sr. Maggi Kennedy, the team members of this project and the Caritas office for taking the challenge to roll down this project. We look forward to do more in the year 2012.


Sr. Bernadette Munyao

Women and Men Coordinator

Machakos Diocese.






he colorful celebration which took place on 16th of December 2011 began with a vibrant procession from Masii township to Christ the King Parish in Masii  grounds at 11am. Masii township was coloured by young soldiers of Christ who passed through its streets, headed by the PMC (Pontifical Missionary Children) flag and the statue of the Child Jesus. The Eucharistic celebration done by the assistant Dean Fr. Paul Mutuku as the main celebrant and concelebrated by priests from all over the deanery and was attended by the faithful both leaders and their PMC Children from Katheka, Mbooni, Tawa, Muthetheni, Mbumbuni and Masii Parishes. Fr. Dominic Musau who is the PMC director as well as the Youth Chaplain in the Diocese graced the entire celebration where he gave a brief history on the origin of PMC and its mission. He empowered the children to become strong ambassadors of evangelization to the other Children. Before the final blessings different speakers gave their word of gratitude to the celebration organizers and encouragement to the children. Sr. Kawinzi the PMC coordinator in the Diocese encouraged parents to listen to their children in order to create a good avenue of assisting and taking care of them. The entertainments by the children from    Masii Parish brought the celebration to a climax allowing each person present to relax and just enjoy the moment with the    children.                                       

By Seminarian Justin Musomba




On the 4th of February 2012, God willing the Catholic Diocese of Machakos will have their Annual pilgrimage to Komarock. This will be a great moment for the Diocese to close the year of the Children and launch the year of CHRIST THE TEACHER.

This will also be the time to launch all the Pastoral activities of the Year.

It will also be a special moment for some of our young men who are serving as acolytes in the Parishes to be ordained Deacons. I am sure you do not want to miss the joy of being together as a Diocese witnessing to one another the joy of being a family of God as we pray for one another and the needs of our Nation -Kenya which continues to go through many challenges.  See you there.

“That all may be one”.         (John 17:21)                                       

 By Rt. Rev. Martin Kivuva Musonde                            







It was a moment of joy and jubilation as the Bishop, clergy and religious gathered together on the 27th of December 2011 to celebrate life together.

The celebration began with the Eucharistic celebration led by Rt. Rev. Martin Kivuva Musonde at St. Joseph Pastoral Centre Katoloni. During his homily he urged all to continue being united and carry on the motto of the Diocese “That all may be one “ as we spread the good news to all. Quoting from the Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation AFRICAE MUNUS of his holiness Pope Benedict the XVI to the Bishop’s, clergy, consecrated persons and the lay faithful on the church in Africa he said,

“Those who bear the honor of the divine priesthood… should lend their ministry only to the service of the altar and give their time to prayer alone”.[163]

109. By devoting yourselves to those whom the Lord entrusts to you for their formation in Christian virtues and their growth in holiness, you not only win them to the cause of Christ but also make them protagonists of a renewed African society.” To the priests he quoted again “Given the complex situations that you encounter, I ask you to deepen your life of prayer and your ongoing intellectual and spiritual formation.” Those who were celebrating their first profession, Perpetual and Jubilees where showered with gifts.

The celebration was crowned by the cutting of the cake which was shared as a sign of solidarity.

By the Communication team.





he new year 2012 has come with new changes. We congratulate the following in their new appointments as we pray for them in their new apostolate and service..

1.   Fr. Patrick Muoka:-   Pope Paul Junior Seminary- Rector/ Education Secretary


2.   Fr. Nicodemus Mbelenzi:- Pope Paul Junior Seminary Vice Rector


3.   Fr. Peter Mbondi:- Pope Paul Junior Seminary –Teacher


4.   Fr. Vincent Kithuva:- Pope Paul Junior Seminary & MIDS, Spirituality/ Counseling, Cathedral:-   Pastoral services


5.   Fr. George Katua:-  St. Camillus Hospital Chaplaincy


6.   Fr. Joseph Mutiso:- Makaveti Parish Fr. In Charge


7.   Fr. Bernard Musyoki       Cathedral Parish  Fr. In Charge


8.   Fr. Christopher Musyoki:- Masii Parish Fr. In charge


9.  Fr. Boniface Nyiki:- St. John the Evangelist Mbuani  Parish Priest.


10.                     Fr. Sylvester Muli:- St. Francis of Assisi Kaunguni  New Parish Fr. In Charge


11.                     Fr. Charles Kyallo—Chaplain CUEA (Catholic University of Eastern Africa)


May the good Lord grant you the zeal you need to continue to serving Him in His vineyard.


By the Communication team.





As a new term knocks the doors  so forcefully, students are a puzzled lot. Holiday is full of fun and play. Yet, school life is unavoidable. The thought of being in school another couple of months, wakes them before dawn. Not out of a self given programme but that is how things are.  Is school that stressing and why not enjoy! You will miss it once out?

 While Form Ones of 2012 are enthusiastic about being in High School, Second and Third Formers may agonize, ‘ not again waking early and cold births, fourth Formers  counting the days in ‘balance’ to be under the authority of teachers and the 2011 Fourth Formers wait anxious of the results yet wishing they were busy somewhere busy studying. Every moment of a student need to be a moment of grace, joy and construction not of regrets and utopia dreams. However all will depend on the on the lenses we use, and the jury we use to judge the case of a student’s life. As  I browsed the internet I thought this is all a student need to think of school life. Later they will emerge a happy lot;

Happy to study , Happy to live, Happy to play, Happy to pray, Happy to feel confused, Happy to get clarifications and Happy to be- STUDENTS!

We congratulate all those Schools in our Diocese who excelled in last years KCPE

Wishing you a very happy and fruitful Academic Year!

By Sr. Juliana Muragu, D.S.H CRE ADVSISOR,

Catholic Diocese of Machakos





The Fifth Beatitude
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy

Mercy is love toward those that are miserable, those that are wretched, and those that need some type of help or assistance.
The merciful are those that are tender hearted and who truly feel in the deepest parts of their beings the pain and the suffering of those who need mercy. But most importantly is the fact that the merciful are those special individuals who go out of their way and make the effort to help. Having compassion on the those that are in any way hurting is only the first part of having mercy. Doing something about it, is the all important second part.

We as believers must show mercy to all men and we are to do this by both sympathizing with them and by taking care and tending to their needs. And we must do this with readiness and gladness, with affection and tenderness, always ready to give and to forgive.

Our Lord instructs us to show the same type of mercy to others that he shows to each of us. He talked much about showing mercy and a good example is found at 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God".

Therefore, to be merciful as a Christian does not mean to perform isolated, occasional acts of charity. A Christian is to be habitually merciful, and all acts of mercy should be done in a thankful and cheerful manner.


Just imagine how absolutely wonderful God would feel if in the act of being merciful he heard you say, "Praise be to you God for this opportunity that you have given me to help someone else in need.

Thank you Father for letting me is of some assistance to another human being." So doing an act of mercy in a thankful and loving manner has to make God our Father just beam with joy.

The merciful are indeed those special people who love all men as themselves: The merciful truly believe that whatever mercy they desire from God, they in turn will show to all men everywhere. The merciful are the ones who realize that our Heavenly Father demands that we be merciful, and they also realize that our acts of mercy will be repaid a thousand fold.


Mercy is extremely important to Jesus Christ and much of the Bible either directly or indirectly deals in some way with mercy and kindness shown to others.

This beatitude is also very concerned with mercy through the act of daily forgiveness. Of forgiving offenses that have been inflicted upon you, and in which you show mercy towards everyone who wrongs you regardless of the reasons and regardless of the circumstances. Our Lord demands that we forgive one another just as he is constantly forgiving you.

Matthew 6: 14-15 points this out so very clearly. "For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses".

Many ask why Christians should be merciful.


Well for one thing, God shows us mercy, not when we are good, but when we are miserable, helpless, wicked, ungodly, and powerless.

He shows us mercy when we are his enemies and we are disobedient, unrighteous, dead in trespasses and sins, foolish, ignorant, suffering, and miserable due to the consequences of our sin. Yet God looks upon our misery and wretchedness and truly feels our pain and is very happy to extend his mercy to each of us. So instead of pouring out his just wrath upon us, he is compassionate toward us. He freely justifies us, forgives our sins, extends his mercy upon us, and fills us with his own righteousness. And that is one reason why we ought to be merciful every day to the miserable, the helpless, the wretched, and the needy.


Secondly, each one of us needs the mercy of God each and every day. We need to be aware that we are still miserable sinners, and because of that, we are still in need of God's mercy every single day.

If we are honest and examine ourselves in the light of God's Word, then we will realize that indeed we do sin daily. And because we sin daily, we need God's forgiveness and mercy daily, and if God is willing to give us his mercy every day then we in turn should be happy to extend mercy to others also on a daily basis.


Another reason for having continuous mercy is that being merciful is a test of our Christianity. If you are not constantly being merciful then there is only one explanation. You have not understood the grace and the mercy of God and you are outside of Jesus Christ. We who have received God's rich mercy are merciful because the grace of God makes us that way.

By Fr. Alfons Muema.












Mary Mother of God

Num.6:22-27; Ps.67 Gal. 4:4-7; Lk.2:16-21 Today being the world peace day, the word of God is calling on every Christian, through their faith to see their daily happenings as part of the overall plan of God. Peace is God given but evil and selfishness takes it away. As the year begins, we have to give ear to the spirit of God and follow the example of Christ so that during the year we may not be the causes of war, divisions, hatred, sin or any evil, but we must be makers of peace. Mary, the model of all mothers, brought the King of peace into the world and through Him we become sons and daughters of God.



Is. 60:1-6; Ps.73 Eph.3:2-3, 5-6; Mt.2:1-12 In our Christian communities there’s perhaps confusion, discord, jealousy and many other forms of sin. But Jesus is the star that guides all people to God. It is by accepting to be sons and daughters of the light that we will be able to change the world. If we allow the light of the Holy Scripture to speak to us; our good works and the sacraments to be our starting point. The magi stand for all the people of the world who let themselves to be guided by Jesus’ message of peace and love. They are the image of the church made of people from every race, tribe, language and nation.



Is. 62:1-5, Ps96; 1Cor6:13c-15a; Jn2:1-11

Christ has begun his public life and he is appointing those with whom he will accomplish his mission. God calls people by name because he has a plan or each one of us. He keeps calling until we hear his voice.

 If we are not sure of his call, he sends someone closer to Him to help us.


He calls us to holiness so that we may fight evil. The Christ we seek everyday is a God who forgives, cleanses and saves. A man follows Christ not because of anything that Jesus did but because of everything that Jesus is. Thus he calls men to a task wherein they could win something for themselves only by giving their all to him and to others.



Jon.3:15-10, Ps. 25; 1Cor.7:29-31; Mk.1:14-20

The call to repent is the core of Christ’s mission. Jonah’s message is that we are sent to convert people not by threats of God’s punishment, but by pointing out his love and mercy. We should not let sin, materialism, secularism or people lead us to waste time instead of looking for our salvation by attending to the mission of Christ. To repent and believe demands total commitment. Conversion implies complete change in our way of thinking and acting. By this we become true Disciples of Christ. Real repentance means that a man has come, not only to be sorry for the consequences of his sin, but to hate sin itself.  To believe in the good news simply means to take Jesus at his word, to believe that God is the kind of God that Jesus has told us about, to believe that God so loves the world that he will make any sacrifice to bring us back to himself, to believe that what sounds too good to be true is really true.



Dt.18:15-20; Ps.95; 1Cor.7:32-35; Mk. 1:21b-28

Through the sacrament of baptism, we receive three important offices: priesthood, kingship and prophecy. Today we are reminded that we are prophets who are to speak only the mind of God and not ours or any new and antichrist doctrine.  Our mission is not to prophecy the future only but to warn, encourage, teach and show God’s love to his people. Christ is our prophet who teaches with authority for he knows the wish, will and mind of the father: forgiveness and love.

He taught with personal authority. When he spoke, he spoke as if he needed no authority beyond himself.  He spoke with the finality

By Fr.Vincent Mulwa

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4th -Office Official opening     Deans Meeting.

6th:- Kithunguini Sec. School– Nzaikoni Parish

7th– 8th:- Kasikeu Parish –Confirmation

13th—Pastoral Centre


14th –15th Mutituni Parish

19th– Diocesan Leaders meeting

21st-PMC Athi -River Deanery

27th– Pope Paul Seminary BOG

28th Ordination CMI -Mt. Sinai

29th-Mlolongo Parish– Sabaki Outstation.



3rd– B. O. G Kikoko Cottage Hospital

4th Diocesan Pilgrimage-

Komarock/ Ordination

13th—Metropolitan meeting Kitui Diocese.

17th our Lady of good Counsel Athiriver

18th –19th Kangundo Parish

25th –26th Kikumini Parish


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